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Why use Servoreelers?

Servoreelers provide the heretofore unavailable ability to remotely deploy and retract hard-wired microphones without affecting sound or signal quality in any manner.


Suspended microphones are often the best audio solution for a microphone placement problem.

However, when not in use, these microphones tend to become a visual distraction from the environment.

In addition, suspended microphones inevitably need to be repositioned.


Servoreelers enable such microphones to be deployed only when actually required, and fully retracted when not needed.


Servoreelers feature an adjustable, pre-set length of deployed cable, which facilitates a return to the normal position of the suspended microphone.

Patented Design

Servoreelers employ a unique design that enables the retraction and deployment of cable without the use of slip-rings.


This design enables the use of a continuous piece of cable from input to output, thus eliminating any potential for noise contamination of the audio signal.


Phantom powered microphones can be repositioned live with absolutely no effect to the signal quality.


Useable with a single microphone or array.


Patented design that permits unimpeded & smooth reeler operation without the utilization of slip rings.


Internal, adjustable stop point switches provide designated stopping points for "one touch" deployment.


Deployment and retraction speed controls facilitate synchronization of multiple reeler arrays or sets.


Easily interfaced with control systems such as AMX and Crestron.


No maintenance required after installation.


All units are powered by remotely supplied, low voltage DC (24VDC System).


Point of use regulation permits long wire runs between controllers and servoreeler units.


External limit switch inputs are provided to enable docking of microphones into receptacles or wells.


Mountable in vertical or horizontal configurations.


Servoreelers are been meticulously engineered, made in the USA, and are constructed with only with the highest quality custom machined parts.