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The Servoreeler

This is the heart of the Servoreelers system.  It consists of a precision servo operated mechanism that stores, deploys, retracts, and positions suspended microphone cable by remote control without the use of slip rings.  Live microphones can be quietly positioned, while preserving the integrity of the audio signal.  Operation can be initiated by pushbutton using an SRC system, or with an external control system such as Crestron or AMX.


On-board control circuitry in the Servoreelerâ„¢ provides adjustable stop positioning as well as various supervisory functions to assure sustained reliable operation by protecting the mechanism.


Various options are available, such as stereo microphone cabling and five-pin XLR connectors. 

Servoreelerâ„¢ Controllers

Servoreeler Controllers, or SRC products, are offered in two standard capacities.  The SRC-6 will control up to six servos, and the SRC-12 will control up to 12.  


An internationally rated, linear regulated 24VDC power supply is embedded in the controller, capable of supporting operation of all servos in the system.


The controllers are easily interfaced to an external control system such as Crestron of AMX.  Options include a pushbutton control interface and a handheld controller.



Ceiling Bezel

For microphones that retract into a ceiling surface, a finished ceiling bezel is available which provides a clean opening for the microphone to recess in.  The bezel also employs a switch that is activated by the docking of the microphone or connector, which allows most small microphones to retract flush with the ceiling, and larger microphones to stop as close as possible.

Ball Microphone - RM2

The RM2 is an elegant Servoreelers suspended microphone product consisting of a condenser capsule finely embedded in a 3/4" diameter stainless steel ball.  Suspended by a satin black 2mm microphone cable, the unobtrusive and stylish RM2 microphone has found enthusiastic acceptance in our most prestigious installations.  It retracts flush to the ceiling when used with our ceiling bezel.


Other microphones are usable with a Servoreelers system as well, such as the Shure MX202 and Polycom conferencing microphones.

Trapeze System

In high ceiling environments such as concert halls, the Servoreelers trapeze suspension system is the ideal choice.  The trapeze is a microphone suspension assembly consisting of 3/4" black anodized aluminum bar used to mount a single or multiple microphones.  Often, the trapeze requires multiple suspension points, and an installation consisting of multiple servo motors working in unison.

Monofilament Positioning Servo - MPS2

The MPS2 is a product designed to deploy and retract a thin monofilament line.  Monofilament is frequently employed in concert halls and auditoriums to position a suspended microphone above a stage or performance.  The MPS2 is a variation of the Servoreeler product designed to work with an SRC control system to position suspended microphones in a high ceiling environment.

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